A Membership at Athena Trade Means

You are part of the premier coworking hub of collaboration and the Midwest's 1st coworking space dedicated to the intersection of cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and fintech.

  • We facilitate connection by and between our members ensuring they have multiple opportunites to cross-pollinate.

  • Members logos are co-branded weekly on our presentation announcements, offering a foundation or additional layer of marketing for their company.

  • Engagement in social media is an imperative. We seek to actively engage our members in multiple conversations and keep them well apprised of the latest news in the space.

  • Our Members are frequent speakers at conferences and Meet Ups. We promote their accomplishments and engagements for our Members to ensure they maximize each opportunity.

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Our Coworking Companies

Please meet our coworking Member companies. We cross-brand events to offer additional visibility.

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